Now comes the most important checklist.

There are a million settings and changes you need to make during the development process, in order to build a website that meets all your requirements. That’s why, we have included even the minutest of steps that are important during development, so that you never miss out on anything crucial to your website.

 Remove Default Content:

Here, the first thing you need to do is remove the WordPress default content like posts, comments and more.

 Create a Sitemap:

Next, create a logical sitemap in Notepad, Word or Excel and add pages like About us, Contact us, etc, according to this sitemap.

 Use Dash for URLS:

Make sure you use “-” in your URL’s instead of “_”.

 Add Blog Categories:

Under Posts > Categories, add appropriate blog categories.

 Add Tags & Media:

Once you’ve added the blog categories, include suitable posts, tags and media files.

 Update Menu:

Then, as per the Sitemap, add Menu under the Appearances > Menu section.

 Use ALT Tags:

Don’t forget to add alt tags to all the website images. You may also use the Search Friendly Images Plugin.

 Make a Plugin List:

Make a list of all the plugins you wish to install. Few recommended Plugins:

 SeedProd Coming Soon:

             WordPress SEO by Yoast:

             Google Analytics by Yoast:

             BackUpWordPress:

             WordPress Backup to Dropbox:

             Broken Link Checker:

             Redirection:

             WP-reCAPTCHA:

             Contact Form 7:

             Contact Form 7 reCAPTCHA Extension:

             BBQ: Block Bad Queries:

             WP-Optimize:

             WP-PageNavi:

             WP Super Cache:

             iThemes Security:

             Revision Control:

             Error Log Monitor:

 Add Social Icons:

Add social media icons/links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. You may use AddThis, Share This or Share Bar Plugins.

 Add Social Feeds:

Also include feed posts for;

               Facebook Page Plugin

               Twitter Plugin

               Google Plus

  Create Social Profiles:

              Google Plus

              Pinterest

 Style Sticky Post:

Style the sticky posts well and make sure they function well. More info at

 Check for Content Overflow:

Make sure there are no posts with pictures that break the content layout or are too big for the content column. In that case, make Overflow: Hidden.

 Highlight Author’s Comments:

Ensure that the author comment is highlighted dierently. Checkout How to Highlight Author’s Comments by WPBeginner.

              Use Gravatars: Check that the User Avatars or Gravatars are displayed properly. explains this here.

 Add Comment Closed Message: The comments display form is replaced with a “Comments O” message or something similar.

 Create 404 Page: Another important thing is to ensure that the 404 page is created and customized. Check to create a Custom 404 page in WordPress.

 Test Search Page: Please check if the search page is accessible to users. You can check by navigating to

 Use & Test Pagination: Test the pagination using WP-PageNavi plugin.

 Add Favicon:

Add custom Favicon using Custom Favicon plugin.

 Use Breadcrumb:

Don’t forget to use Breadcrumbs for easy navigation. Is a part of WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

 Link Logo:

Link the company logo to the Homepage.

 Remove Lorem Ipsum:

Lastly, make sure you remove all the Lorem Ipsum text on your website.

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